Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

Aaron began his career in food service working for Shoney’s restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri as an Assistant manager while attending college. Upon graduation, he continued in various positions over the next 15 years. He served as a Director of Franchise Operations for more than 3 years, overseeing international expansion as well as development of non-traditional sites for Shoney’s Restaurants and Hotels. Aaron received degrees from Saint Louis University, Duke University and Pepperdine University.

Looking for a different challenge, Aaron left the corporate world and with a partner purchased 13 franchised Shoney’s or Captain D’s locations in Eastern North Carolina. 2 years later Aaron sold his restaurants and returned to his native Los Angeles. Aaron accepted a position as Director of Retail Operations on the campus of UCLA. This position exposed Aaron to many different brands and concepts, which he was able to bring to the school.

The Marriott Corporation recruited Aaron to manage their 85million dollar operation at the Los Angeles International Airport. For more than 5 years Aaron managed all of the Food, Beverage, and Retail operations at the airport. This challenge was amplified by the effects of September 11, 2001 on the travel industry. After a very successful stint at LAX, Aaron was looking for his next challenge.

For the past 8 years, Aaron has worked as an independent consultant in the Hospitality Industry. His growing list of clients includes, Club Med resorts, Wyndham Hotels. Jack in the Box Restaurants and Compass Group North America among many others